Judy Friesen

Janssen, Nebraska

Back in 1967 . . .

Judy graduated (from CTC) in January, 1965, and was called to teach at St. Paul’s, Ft. Dodge, Iowa. She was the 4th grade teacher and as fate would have it, her husband-to-be was the 6th grade teacher. She continued to teach until July, 1967.

When Judy wrote, her twins were six weeks away. But since Lois Richters was a bit tardy in returning her questionnaire, we can report that the twins were born sometime around the 1st of October and were named Christopher Joel and Jonathan Corey. her future plans are obvious! Congratulations, Judy and Del!


In 2010. . .

Mattoon, Illinois

After graduation from CHS, I continued on to CTC and graduated in January of 1965. My first call was to teach 4th grade at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Fort Dodge, IA. In December of “65 I married Del Nack, who was already teaching at St.Paul’s. After 2 ½ years of teaching our twins Christopher and Jonathan were born, and 2 ½ years later Leslie (named for my Dad who passed away while I was student teaching.)After the boys came I was mostly a stay at home mom, with plenty to keep me hoppin’.

After ten years in Fort Dodge, Del accepted a call to Port Huron, Michigan as principal. When we had been there about 5 years, it became possible for him to follow a call he had been feeling for some time - into the ministry. So we packed up three boys and a dog and took off for St. Louis to the seminary. During our time there I reentered the teaching field, first as an aide and then a teacher. After two years it was time for Del’s delayed, convertible vicarage. We were assigned to Newton, Illinois. That is where we remained for 8 years. During that time I started a preschool at our church, and served as teacher and director.

Del’s next call was to a church near Peoria. We were there for 12 years. During those years I taught preschool 4’s and kindergarten in a private learning center.

Our current location is Mattoon, IL. Del got to use all of his education and experience serving here as half-time principal of St. John’s Lutheran School and assistant pastor of the congregation. But best of all (for me anyway) I got to teach first grade at St. John’s for the past ten years. What a blessing that has been! Del retired in 2005, but various situations have pressed him back into service as is true with many retired pastors. I just retired at the end of the 2009-10 school year and am enjoying it immensely. That is why I finally have time and energy to get this update written!

Judy_delOur boys are all married to wonderful women whom I am proud to call my daughters-in-law. Chris and Alison live in Raleigh, NC. They have two boys, Cole (7) and Wes (4). Jon and Jovita live in Lakefield, MN with our two grandkids, Corey (13) and Hannah (11). Les and Brooke are in Crown Point, IN and have two children, Pacey (5) and Gracie (3).

I am looking forward to figuring out just I want to do during retirement and having lots of time to do it. I’m open to suggestions from any of you who are already “there.”

Memories of CHS

  • Being the youngest
  • Lincoln East, West Colin and Hillcrest
  • Walking everywhere! “From Plum to Blue and yonder”Judy's Family
  • Demerits
  • Study hours
  • Lights out
  • Pep Club initiation – I think we wore skirts upside down!
  • Measles epidemic
  • Hong Kong Flu epidemic
  • German Class – getting called into Mr. Hardt’s office
  • Chemistry with Dr. Zimmerman
  • Old Doc

Each of these memories and many more are “peopled” with many of you, my classmates, who came to be like family in those four short years. I don’t think there is any group of people whose faces and names I remember better than the class of ’61. I am greatly looking forward to our reunion in 2011.

Judy “Fritz” Friesen Nack

Judy and Del recently hosted a visit by Cliff and Eleanor Doll. Their photos are below.

Cliff and JudyDolls and Nacks