Rosalyn Frohm

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Back in 1967 . . .

Rosalyn completed nurses training in St. Louis, in 1964, and then worked at 6 hospitals and four offices as a private surgical nurse for a leading ophthalmologist and crew.

“Last year, having been slowed down by an allergic reaction caused by a dentist’s error in medication, I missed my lawyer friend so much (he had been drafted) that I finally took the steps to the altar. I then worked for 6 months in a backwoods Kentucky hospital and have now retired.”

Her husband Don is now a captain and they are finding Army life bearable. he will be out in 1971, and they will go back to St. Louis for a couple of years.

Anyone in the area of Ft. Knox, Kentucky, is invited to stop for a visit. They have steaks in the freezer. (Army life can’t be too bad!)

In 2010. . .

Georgetown, Texas

My husband and I retired from St. Louis three years ago and are settled in Georgetown, Texas in an active adult community. I prefer the mountains to the the heat of Texas summers but Don vowed to never shovel snow again, although I would have to say that I did most of the shoveling. I do miss the four seasons of Missouri but the winters are great here. My coats are collecting moths in the closet.

Our four children are scattered. Heather lives in McLean,Virginia with her family, Brett is in Austin, Tyler and his wife live in Geneva, Switzerland and Morgan and his wife are in Illinois. They will be parents of a son in a couple of days.

We spent a month in Europe this summer with Tyler and wife, Sophia and were joined by Heather and Sam and our granddaughters for travel throughout Italy. It was wonderful, especially with someone who could translate, arrange all therosalyn_don travel and lodging, etc.

I am involved with Stephen Ministry here and my husband works as a volunteer with horse therapy for adults and children with disabilities. We stay quite busy and enjoy our life. Darrell Meinke is a member of our church and is still energetic and healthy.

I hope to attend the reunion and look forward to seeing all of you again. I recognize most of you and have to say that you haven't changed all that much. It should be fun!